Who Can Apply For No Credit Check Mobile Phones?

The general belief has been that no credit check mobile phones should only be applied by people with a worse credit score. Well, no credit check mobile phone plans were designed for people with a less than stellar credit score but this does not mean that its exclusively for them. So who can apply for no credit check mobile phones?

Those seeking to repair their credit report

Whether we admit it or not, not everyone who applies for a mobile phone contract is desperate for a new mobile phone or a monthly bundle plan. There are individuals who apply for a plan out of necessity while there are those who apply for it as a means towards an end. People with bad credit and looking to rebuild or repair their credit score can apply for a no credit check mobile phone contract. The idea is to make timely monthly repayments throughout the term of the contract without fail. This act itself gradually improves ones credit score over time. It’s a strategy that has worked for many people intent on getting into good books in so far as credit status is concerned.

Those seeking to build their credit score from scratch

Ironically, having no credit score and having a poor credit rating is viewed the same way in the eyes of lenders and mobile phone contract providers. Providers reject people with no credit rating on the basis that they do not have a financial history that can give them an idea of how financially responsible they are. On the other hand, those with bad credit are rejected on the basis that there past financial history is nothing to write home about. In view of the above, people with no credit rating have no option but to apply for no credit checks mobile phones which gives them an opportunity to build their credit score from scratch. By making payments on time, they can without a doubt build a healthy credit score which will put them in a better position in the future when they are applying for loans or mobile phone contracts.

Those with an average credit score

Surprisingly, even people with an average credit score face problems getting approved for a mobile phone contract. Majority of providers have strict requirements on the acceptable score and this unfortunately has led to many people with an average score to be locked out of contracts. The better option in this regard has been for such people to go for no credit check contracts or guaranteed mobile phone contracts.