No Credit Check Mobile Phones- Some Useful Advice

If there is one thing we can all come to a consensus, it’s the fact that bad credit affects every aspect of our lives. All of a sudden, getting approved for a loan or a simple mobile phone contract becomes a herculean task. The culture of credit checks has indeed changed the scope of the lending as well as mobile phone contract industry. Credit checks are mandatory and lenders as wells as mobile phone providers have no iota of remorse whenever the application is coming from a person whose credit score is less than stellar.

In the past, having a poor credit rating was like a sentence of sorts. It was a guarantee that you could not get approved for a mobile phone contract however much you applied from different lenders. Unfortunately, due to ignorance, people with less than a stellar credit rating continued to try their lack by applying to as many providers as possible. This is something that experts have cautioned individuals with a less than perfect credit rating. Every time you apply and get rejected, a footprint is left on your credit report which serves to further worsen your credit score. The effect is that it further diminishes the chances or probability of a person getting approved in the foreseeable future.

Experts’ have been vocal in warning people not be too frustrated to apply to many mobile phone contracts with the hope of being approved. It simply leads to a dangerous circle and with the many footprints of failed applications on your credit report; you end up in a difficult position than you were when you embarked on an aggressive application. The logical thing to do would be to check your own credit score as this is deemed as a soft check and therefore does not have a deep impact on your credit score.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in going for the no credit check mobile phones contracts due to a number of reasons you can enlist the services of a friend or spouse with a good credit score to purchase a mobile phone contract on your behalf. However, to avoid strained relations, it’s important that you never miss a payment when a friend, a colleague or a spouse has applied for a mobile phone contract on your behalf. Other options at your disposal include applying for SIM only contracts that are relatively cheaper as no handsets are involved or simply go for a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan where you pay for the service when you use it. At the end of the day, having a poor credit score does not mean that you should not enjoy the best in life!

Rather than apply to as many providers as possible for a mobile phone contract, there are a number of things or options at your disposal. For starters, you can apply for no credit check mobile phones which do not require that you have a perfect credit score and neither do they take your score into consideration when approving your application. There are currently many UK providers that offer mobile phone contracts with no credit checks and therefore a person whose credit score is in the doldrums should take advantage of this.