About Us

Touted as the most reliable and trustworthy no credit check mobile phones provider in the UK, OffTheRecord Phones continues to make its mark as a top tier mobile phone contract service provider. From inception, we have been able to assist thousands of people from every coarner of the UK get approved for a mobile phone contract their credit score notwithstanding. We continue to align ourselves with the principles of total quality management with a clear understanding of our obligation to our esteemed customers

Our deep desire to exceed the expectations of our customers has seen us go beyond the call of duty with the sole aim of ensuring that every single need of our customers is met. We do not compromise on customer satisfaction and this explains why we offer diverse no credit check mobile phones contracts to our customers with bad credit. The fact that we have adopted a policy of no credit checks is what sets us apart from other providers across the UK. We have been able to help thousands of people with a less than stellar credit score get approved for a mobile phone contract and put a smile on their faces.

Our customer personnel have the skills, the enthusiasm and the training to attend to all the needs of customers. It doesn’t matter what issue a customer is having or if they need a further and deeper understanding of the plans we offer. They are always willing and ready to assist them in any way as customer satisfaction is a key pillar in our own success as a provider.