To be in a state of constant frustration every time you think of applying for a mobile phone contract because of the state of your credit score is not a pleasant experience. It is an experience that no one likes and which unfortunately, has characterized the lives of people with bad credit all over UK. Credit checks have and continue to be the standard practice every time a person applies for a loan or approval for a mobile phone contract. At Off TheRecord Phones, we strongly believe that one’s credit rating shouldn’t be used to relegate them to obscurity. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to use of a mobile phone irrespective of the status of their credit rating.

It is this strong conviction that led us to establishing OffTheRecord Phones with the sole objective of ensuring that we help as many UK citizens as possible snag a mobile phone contract even if their credit rating is deemed less than average. We understand the importance of mobile phones in the contemporary society and the need for each and every citizen of the UK to use it without feeling discriminated. For long, credit checks have been used as a means to discriminate upon UK citizens. Those with a healthy history are celebrated and given the best perks while applying for mobile phone contracts while those with a less than average credit score are treated like lepers.

No one wants to hear them or even give them a chance to explain why they could be having a less than perfect credit rating. Their applications are given one glance and thrown into the dust bins. The result has been the emergence of a group of people with low self esteem and living on the edge. Considering the key role that mobile phones play in the contemporary society, we could not just sit back and let the status quo remain. We had to do something and that’s the how the idea to start OffTheRecord Phones was mooted and executed.

For years, we have been able to assist thousands of individuals across the UK with a poor credit rating getting approved for a mobile phone contract. We look at every application carefully and help applicants get a suitable mobile phone contract. With our no credit check mobile phones, we have been able to put a smile in the faces of thousands of people who had faced one rejection after the other in their attempt to get approved for a mobile phone. With our top notch mobile phone plans, customers need not be apprehensive when applying for a mobile phone contract. We do not in any way decline an application for a mobile phone contract based on the applicants credit score.

While approval is almost 100% guaranteed; we require that applicants demonstrate commitment in paying their monthly bills before being approved. In this regard, proof of income is highly recommended before we can approve an applicant for any of our no credit checks mobile phones plans. Our no credit check mobile phones plans are not only affordable but also designed to offer our customers the best of perks.

Our approval process is fairly quick and an applicant can expect to be approved within 24 hours or 48 hours in the latest. In an attempt to provide our customers with the best services, we have been able to partner with Money Supermarket which is an information hub where our customers can get vital information on various mobile phone contracts and make an informed decision prior to applying for a no credit check mobile phones contract. Our credibility, long standing success in helping people with a poor credit rating is what has consistently placed us among the top providers in the UK. Try us today irrespective of how bad your credit score is and we can assure you that you will leave a happy person!